Business Reviews

Based on our extensive industry and business experience in the Software and IT sector we provide expert analysis of your business from Strategy to execution.

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Sales Improvement

DST i.t. is actively involved in Sales and Marketing of Software and IT Solutions. We leverage that real world experience to help our clients improve their Business Development, Sales and Marketing functions to drive increased revenue.

Growth Strategies

DST i.t. can bring some out of the box thinking to identify new and innovative ways to drive business growth is the software and IT sector.

Sales and Distribution Channels

For companies to attain the benefits of exponential scalability that a truly effective software company can achieve, it is often necessary to continually expand the Sales and Distribution channels to tap into new markets. DST i.t. through its local and global networks helps our clients find, negotiate terms and manage these channels.


In conjunction with DST corporate we help you prepare for and to secure debt and equity financing. Our specialist associates can secure you government funding and assistance through such programs as R&D Tax Concessions, Export Market Development Grants (EMDG), Commercialisation Australia and Enterprise Connect.

Company Sales, Acquisitions and Mergers

These can be key factors in the strategy and lifecycle of Software and IT companies. DST i.t. in conjunction with DST corporate can provide the practical advice and hands on assistance in this area.

Technology Commercialisation and IP Protection

Arguably the most valuable asset in many companies, so it makes sense to get the best advice and assistance on how to maximise the commercial returns from, and maintain protection for, your IP.

Exit Strategies and Succession Planning

We help our clients plan for the longer term and then put in place the necessary structures to ensure the desired result.


DST i.t. helps our clients understand the key metrics that drive their business growth and valuation and compare their results to industry standards and “better” practices. We can then identify and implement the required actions to drive superior performance.