The goal of business is to use technology to deliver commercial outcomes. The challenge of business is determining which business software and technologies ‘enhance’ and which ‘encumber’ success. DST i.t. acts as technology interpreters, ensuring companies only implement technologies that improve success.

Business software selection

If cash flow is the lifeblood of business, software is the nervous system. Without the right business software, businesses cannot remain competitive. Identifying the right business software is one of the greatest dilemmas faced by management teams.

DST i.t. works in close collaboration with clients to understand the unique software demands of each customer. We use imperial evidence and alignment with business needs, not emotion, to drive selection. We then work with implementation teams to ensure a minimum interruption to business during the software transition phase.

Building software to capture a competitive advantage

Custom software development can be an effective strategy to secure and enhance a competitive edge and build value. The question is ‘when do I build and when do I buy? DST i.t. can assist you with this decision. Through a rigorous evaluation process DST i.t. can help you understand if the right software for you is the one you build and own.

Software integration

Do you have disparate software solutions that create business and information silos’, obscuring an organisational broad business view? Is the solution to this problem better system integration or a wholesale change? DST i.t. can help you determine the best solutions to meet your immediate and long-term business goals.

Big data and your business

Increasingly, big data is driving decision-making. In certain areas, big data views of customer traffic are helping brands redesign their stores. In the HR sector, big data is driving more informed recruitment, onboarding and retention strategies. DST i.t. can provide you with the technology and software to develop a big data view of your business, ensuring you make more informed decisions.