Pre-Initial Public Offering and Initial Public Offering funding (IPO) rounds are significant activities for you and your company as the company is now offering (possible) liquidity for the equity owned by current investors and the equity being issued. Typically the intention here is a listing on a recognised Stock Exchange, in Australia, the ASX or NSX.

This opens up the offering to an increased range of investors who may now be attracted to investing in your company as one of their criteria could be the ability to sell with relative ease. Once listed on, say, the ASX, it can still take some time to achieve reasonable liquidity but the shares can be given a value at any time – as is required by many investors, superannuation funds and the trust deeds that many funds operate under.

An IPO will require an Audit of your company and a Prospectus which is a document that must be lodged with the corporate regulator of securities matters – ASIC. The process can be lengthy and costly in respect of funds, your time and your team’s resources. There is no guarantee of success and the list of companies who have publically sought to list and not achieved that aim is not a short one.

DST corporate’s team can provide you with the knowledge and resources to undertake Pre-IPO and IPO funding.