For the uninitiated business funding appears to be a minefield. When you understand the legal complexities of business funding, it is even more so, however, with the aid of experts in this field, such as the team from DST corporate, business funding can be a portal to bringing great ideas to life, building a small business to a large business and a way to realise the full commercial value of a business you have invested a lifetime building.

With all business funding it is important that you receive impartial advice to help you navigate the often-treacherous waters of business funding. This is the role of DST corporate. We work with organisations to ensure that they are fully aware of the legal and financial ramifications, as well as the compliance issues of business funding. DST corporate also provides the experience and expertise that puts potential investors minds at ease during fund raising activity.

Before you start down this path, it is helpful to understand some of the more common forms of business equity funding. Lets start with the common/typical terms used for the ‘funding rounds’. They are Start-up, pre-seed, seed, Early Stage (Round 1 & 2), Later Stage (Rounds 3 & 4), mezzanine funding, pre-IPO, IPO.

The securities laws around fund raising can be quite complex but as a quick guide, if the funding is keep to a small number of investors and less than $2million per annum then only an Information Memorandum may be required. This document, approved by your Board, is only for your investors and generally will not require lodgement with the corporate regulator ASIC.

The exception here is an IPO which by its definition is a public disclosure document and therefore requires a Prospectus (more below).

Start-up, pre-seed and seed funding

Early Stage, Later Stage and Mezzanine funding

Pre Initial Public Offering and Initial Public Offering funding (IPO)

Start up fund raising-alternative sources