From humble beginnings with forums and MySpace, then YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and now to Pinterest, Instagram and countless other social media options, it is almost impossible to be an expert in this field.

Business to Consumer social media

Recent statistics have shown that Business to Consumer based social media interactions rarely lead to sales but do play a part in building brand equity. There are many people who now believe the investment in social media may be too costly for the returns it yields. This is not necessarily the case with Business-to-Business social media. 

Business to Consumer social media also has a dark side. Using social media to build your brand, product or service profile can have dramatic and unexpected consequences. The important thing to remember with social media is that it’s a two-way conversation. You can tell consumers about your product or service and they have the power to tell you how they feel.  

Using social media to communicate with consumers leaves you exposed, as consumers don’t feel the responsibility that those in the business arena feel to behaving in a civilised manner. There is a certain anonymity and mob mentality with social media that makes consumers feel that there are no consequences to their behaviour. That is why we recommend that our clients avoid using social media for consumer interactions, unless they have the resources to monitor their feeds 24/7.

Business to Business social media

Australians have been slower to understand the value of social media in the Business-to-Business sector, than they have in the Business to Consumer sector. This may be a result of not understanding how the media works or as a result that this sector has always placed less emphasis on mass marketing techniques. Whatever the reason, the reality is of traditional sales generation tools for the Business-to-Business sector, such as telemarketing and tradeshows are not as effective as they once were. These techniques have been replaced by inbound marketing, with social media playing a role in this process.

In Australia the most widely used social mediums for the Business-to-Business sector are LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.


LinkedIn has over 4 million users in Australia. LinkedIn has become an important qualifier for organisations seeking new business relationships and is becoming increasingly significant and a networking and database development tool. LinkedIn is also an important tool for driving website traffic, promoting new website content and building high quality links for Search Engine Optimisation.


For those wanting to use video to promote their products or services, YouTube is a must. The amount of video viewed through YouTube Australia a month is staggering and although most of it is not promotional in nature, there is still a significant amount of searches for solution-based videos. The key thing to remember with YouTube viewers is that the content they are often looking for is answers, not sales pitches. They want to know how a product or solution works. By providing this information you can create new business opportunities and build website traffic and your Search Engine Optimisation.


Twitter serves two key purposes for business in the Business to Business sector; firstly, it provides and opportunity to tap into topical conversations (e.g. discussion about local manufacturing for those in the manufacturing sector) and drive awareness of your business; secondly, it is a great way to promote website content and build high quality links, which benefit your websites Search Engine Optimisation.

Digital Storytelling Collective and social media

Digital Storytelling Collective focus on building social media campaigns that are more about results than vanity. Most of the clients we deal with have limited budgets and as such, the allocation of resources for social media is a low priority. 

In the consumer sector building and maintaining social media campaigns is a 24/7 commitment. This is not the case with the Business-to-Business sector, where fewer resources can create a greater impact. This is why Digital Storytelling Collective specialises in social media campaigns for the Business-to-Business sector.