The more people you can communicate with, the more sales leads you generate. But this is only part of the story.

There is increasing awareness around the importance of the quality of the initial contact. Nowhere is quality of the initial contact more evident than in inbound marketing, where the cost of leads is a fraction of the cost of leads generated by traditional marketing.

What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing (content or continuous marketing) is digital, screen-based marketing that is dependent on the type of content that captures the attention and the imagination of viewers. 

Why inbound has gained popularity

Inbound marketing allows organisations access to metrics that had previously been unimaginable with traditional advertising forms. These metrics give organisations greater insight through every step of the sales process, allowing them to fine tune communication strategies. The benefit of all of this new data and greater flexibility comes in the form of the lower cost of lead generation and higher conversion rates for sales.

What role does content play for in bound marketing?

Great content enhances a brand. Dull content dilutes a brand. In a world where 90% of our media interactions are screen based, creating meaningful, entertaining and original content is fundamental to the success of all organisations, no matter who their target audience. 

Increasingly, this type of content is being referred to as ‘storytelling’, with one of the greatest exponents being the late Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs built stories around his products that created brand evangelists, all-night waiting lines for new products and price premiums. 

Storytelling (or content marketing) is increasingly becoming a priority for organisations that wish to create deeper, more consistent and regular engagement with their customers. 

What type of content does Digital Storytelling Collective produce?

Great storytelling is dependent on authenticity, a clear message, relevance (to its intended audience), and the ability to engage. Great storytellers are able to paint a picture with words (or these days with actual pictures, or sound, and even interactivity). 

Long before the term storytelling become a catch cry by marketing pundits, the team at Digital Storytelling Collective believed that one of the most effective ways for clients to increase sales and build brand equity was by creating a narrative that created a unique experience around their products and services. 

For more than 3 years the team at Digital Storytelling Collective have been putting into practice this belief and helping our clients realise their goals. Now is the time to take what we have learned and introduce it to the broader business community. We want to help more organisations that are struggling to come to terms with the changing needs of their customers, embrace inbound marketing principles and realise their commercial potential.