Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the equivalent of saying anyone who owns a pair of runners is an Olympics athlete.

Why is copywriting important

Great copywriters are like method actors. They can take on the role of any reader and view a product of service from their perspective. In doing so, they know exactly what to say and the persuasive techniques that will compel us to act. These skills are essential to creating the type of stories that turn potential customers into brand evangelists.

Copywriters are not used car salesmen

Thomas Jefferson once wrote ‘Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.’ Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not about telling lies; it is about telling the truth in a persuasive way. True, great copywriters are masters at putting the best possible spin on a story, but that doesn’t make them liars, it makes them great storytellers.

Great copywriters are ‘humanists’

Great copywriters are ‘humanists’. They have the capacity to use words to create meaningful engagements. They entice and seduce readers and draw them into a story. It could be a parable, a flight of imagination, or a recollection of a childhood memory. They know how to make us feel excited, remind us of our darkest fears, make us laugh and (when necessary) even make us cry. Most importantly, they know how to make us think and they know how to make us care.

Copywriting is equal parts science and art

It can take decades to become a great copywriter. One story at a time, one product at a time, one target audience at a time, copywriters build their repertoire. Many good writers attempt to become copywriters but fail. This is because copywriting is as much about science as it is an art. There is a discipline required from copywriting that is not there with other forms of writing. A copywriter knows how to tell a story in a five-word headline. A copywriter also knows how to keep you engaged with a 1,000-word story. They know how to make connections between seemingly unrelated information and make clear the obscure. They can take the complex and make it simple. They understand the science of persuasion and know the exact triggers that will elicit a response. If you think anyone can be a good copywriter, then you’re sadly mistaken.

What makes Digital Storytelling Collective’s copywriting valuable?

You may have heard the expression ‘it’s not 20 years experience, it’s the same year 20 times over’. This expression is often used as a counter argument against experience but the reality is this, a senior copywriter with over 3-decades of ‘real world’ experience, working with many of Australia’s best known and blue chip organisations brings a world of experience to the table. Time and time again these skills have been tested on the most challenging of communication problems. Time and time again they yield tangible results. This experience is impossible to replicate and invaluable to our clients.

We are masterful at writing for thousands but appear only to be speaking to you. We know the implicit messages are more important than the explicit messages. We unearth the facts and information that make stories compelling. We understand when to use humour, when to use facts and the difference between a ‘feature’ and a ‘benefit’. We know what makes people tick and respect the intelligence of our target audiences. We know how to write